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Oasis de Esperanza


The project began in 1999 when Rev. David Taylor purchased several acres of land near Santa Marta, Colombia. The work had very humble beginnings and started with feeding a handful of children under a tree with a few volunteers helping out. With the support of partners, mostly at the time from the United Kingdom, a Primary School was built in 2002. Soon after, another building was constructed which currently serves as both administrational offices for the charity and several exam rooms for the medical clinic.

As the numbers continued to grow more buildings were needed and constructed. The school now accommodates around 350 students starting at preschool level through high school, and has successfully sent students to universities, many of whom are now studying medicine, business, law, and other professional degrees.

The medical clinic serves the needs both of the student body and the local community in general. A full time nurse is employed and doctors from the voluntary sector, including some from the USA & UK, attend to the needs of the children. Medicines are bought from local pharmacies from monies donated almost exclusively from the USA & UK.