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OASIS of HOPE CHARITY – founded in 1999 as a Christian based, non-profit,  501 (C) (3) charity with the aim of tackling abject poverty by alleviating the suffering caused by social deprivation in poor children everywhere.  Founder Reverend David Taylor is an ordained minister. Since 1995 he has worked mainly in Latin America, helping to raise the quality of life of disadvantaged children. David’s hope and dream is that many of the children supported by Oasis of Hope will be able to take their rightful place in society and make a significant difference.

guajira-dt-with-children-1 “There is no greater importance in this hurting world than the liberation of thousands of children from the hardship and injustice of poverty.” David Taylor – Founder of Oasis of Hope Charity

The charity seeks to provide for the total physical well being of the children through education, feeding, and healthcare. The charity currently operates 7 projects and provides full-time education and feeding many hundreds of children.  The vision of Oasis of Hope is vast and so are the needs.  Literally, for many hundreds of children all over the world are in desperate need of help and support.



Baroness (Caroline) Cox was created a Life Peer in 1982 for her contributions to education and has served as a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords (UK) from 1985 to 2005. Lady Cox now sits in the Lords as a crossbencher and is a frequent contributor to Lords debates on topics such as poverty, education, human trafficking and injustice.

Baroness Cox’s humanitarian aid work has taken her on many missions to conflict zones all over the world, allowing her to obtain first hand evidence of the human rights violations and humanitarian needs.

Baroness Cox writes,

”I am very pleased to commend the work of Oasis of Hope Charity. Their achievements in caring for some of the most needy and vulnerable children have included helping to provide education, food and medical care, which are greatly needed. Oasis of Hope really does endeavor to put – LOVE INTO ACTION.”




Oasis of Hope’s vision is to be an advocate for marginalized children: to help release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty – thus, enabling them to become well grounded and responsible adults and citizens.


Our aim is to help alleviate the social and spiritual deprivation of the poorest of poor children – by linking God’s mercy with human need.

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Founder David Taylor is privileged to work with an experienced team of professionals.

Paul Selvage

Board Member

Marvin Couch

Board Member

Beatriz Beloso

Secretary and Board Member

Ismael Beloso

Board Member

Cheryl Cope

Board Member

Chuck Cooper

Treasurer and Board Member

Carl Sconnely

Vice President

Alex Couch

Attorney and Board Member